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Mon Jan 3 01:17:03 PST 2005

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>> Fisherss wrote:
>> > when my system has been loged on tty1 and woked for minutes, a
>> > problem emerged: loging on other ttys spend 2 or more minutes (I
>> > input the user name and password correctly) maybe the reason is
>> > shadow, on LFS5.0 I ignored the installation of shadow, there is no
>> > the same problem. Someone know the solution for this problem?
>> > 
>> > 

it sounds like a DNS name resolution issue - the LFS machine (running 
shadow password suite) is attempting to lookup the IP address of the 
machine you are connecting from. This is done to add the hostname to the 
lastlog database,

add the IP address of the remote system into either the local DNS, or the 
/etc/hosts file of the LFS system, and the login should speed up 

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Steve Crosby

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