cleaning up LFS 6 in chapter 6.61

thorsten fly_a320 at
Mon Jan 3 00:25:02 PST 2005

joe wrote:
> I've finished building LFS 6.
> But I'm now outta space.
> Then I read chapter 6.61, of which tell me to tar /tools
> before removing it.
> What package do I have to tar ? and what else to tar ?
> And while tarring do I have to enter from chroot or from
> LFS ?
> thx
> ---
> joe

Boot LFS, login as root
cd /tools
tar -cpvjf /root/tools-after-build.tar.bz2 ./*
cd /root
chmod 600 tools-after-build.tar.bz2

tar -c : create archive
     -p : keep permissions
     -v : be verbose (print which file Iam working on)
     -j : kreate a bzip2 compressed archive
     -f : filename of the created archive
     /root/tools-...  see above
     ./*: files to tar up

I am also one of those, who started as a linux-newbe building LFS:-) 
have to stand together;-)
keep on trying, there is much to learn


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