cleaning up LFS 6 in chapter 6.61

TheOldFellow TheOldFellow at
Sun Jan 2 23:42:41 PST 2005

Joel Miller wrote:
> joe wrote:
>> I've finished building LFS 6.
>> But I'm now outta space.
>> Then I read chapter 6.61, of which tell me to tar /tools
>> before removing it.
>> What package do I have to tar ? and what else to tar ?
>> And while tarring do I have to enter from chroot or from
>> LFS ?
>> thx
>> ---
>> joe
> Please don't take offense, but as the book is geared towards 
> intermediate to advanced users, this kind of knowledge is expected to be 
> known. Tar is an archiving tool. It is also worth to note that you don't 
> have to tar up /tools unless you expect to use it again. Unfortunately, 
> tar does not have a manual or info page. You can always type "tar 
> --help" at the command prompt to see a brief overview of its switches.

You will find references and manuals for all the LFS packages in the 
document:  'LFS References' from my website:

You'll find that 'tar' has an excellent manual.

You should also read the 'Essential Pre-Reading' document if you are new 
to LFS or Unix.


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