cleaning up LFS 6 in chapter 6.61

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Sun Jan 2 21:11:32 PST 2005

joe wrote:
> I've finished building LFS 6.
> But I'm now outta space.
> Then I read chapter 6.61, of which tell me to tar /tools
> before removing it.
> What package do I have to tar ? and what else to tar ?
> And while tarring do I have to enter from chroot or from
> LFS ?
> thx
> ---
> joe

Please don't take offense, but as the book is geared towards 
intermediate to advanced users, this kind of knowledge is expected to be 
known. Tar is an archiving tool. It is also worth to note that you don't 
have to tar up /tools unless you expect to use it again. Unfortunately, 
tar does not have a manual or info page. You can always type "tar 
--help" at the command prompt to see a brief overview of its switches.

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