make -k check error in GCC-3.4.1

Maui maui_covenant at
Sun Jan 2 14:50:07 PST 2005

"Jeremy Utley" <jeremy at> wrote:

> Errors in the gcc testsuite are expected.  That's why we use the -k 
> parameter to make, so it continues after errors, and why we post results 
> on the web you can compare with.  Please do so.

I have the same problem (I'm using the LiveCD as host system).
I did use the -k parameter and yet the test suite stops and tells me: 
"Target `check' not remade because of errors."
And if I try to see the test results with 
"../gcc-3.4.1/contrib/test_summary" as the book suggests I get nothing.

I completed the entire book anyway and everything *seems* to work fine, but 
it would be nice to know why the test suite doesn't behave as expected.


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