[HINT] Install LFS next to an existing OS, not on a fresh partition

Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at winterdrache.de
Mon Nov 29 09:30:37 PST 2004

The lfs_next_to_existing_system hints has been completely rewritten. Those
of you who came across it in the LFS book (2.2 Creating a new Partition)
and were scared off by the warning that it's not recommended for newbies,
may want to take another look. The new hint is simple, safe and
newbie-proof. It's perfectly suitable for first-timers and definitely
preferable to repartitioning a hard disk that has valuable data on it that
is to be preserved.

This hint presents a simple and safe way to install one or more LFS
systems on a pre-existing partition that may already contain data from
other (even non-Linux) operating systems. The different systems will be
bootable independent from each other and run with no loss of performance. 
If you want to build an LFS system but can not or do not want to give it
its own dedicated partition, this hint is for you.


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