LFS 6.0-test-20041010 Boot problem

Julien Langlois dude at dude.com
Thu Nov 25 14:08:13 PST 2004

"Jeremy Huntwork" <jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote in message 
news:41A63EE7.6020508 at linuxfromscratch.org...
> Julien Langlois wrote:
>>I built LFS 6.0 (20041010) in Microsoft VirtualPC and once it gets past 
>>GRUB (the kernel decompresses), the system restarts. Not the VM, mind you, 
>>the host Windows system. It seems pretty consistent, though I've tried 
>>only twice and am not moved to try again. Does anyone know what could be 
>>causing this? Is it possible that it's because I selected K7 for the 
>>processor in the kernel but have an Athlon XP (Barton)?
>>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>Julien Langlois
> I've never used any VM ware, however I have seen a similar thing happen 
> when I was first learning to create bootable cds. In my case, I had 
> selected a 686 processor in the kernel's config, but tried to run it on a 
> 586-compatible pc.  Grub would load, the kernel would decompress, and then 
> promptly reboot the pc.  So, it seems, as you said, that you have the 
> wrong processor selected in the kernel.  I'd suggest setting it to 
> 686-compatible processor, and try it again.
> HTH,
> --
> Jeremy Huntwork

OK, I will try that. The kernel config went to P4 by default, which I 
thought rather stange because AXPs don't have SSE2/HT while P4s do. I'll try 
that anyway and see if it works.

Julien Langlois 

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