readline - why move .so.5* but not .so?

Sönke Tesch soenketesch at
Thu Nov 25 11:43:25 PST 2004


as the subject says: Why shall I move lib{readline,history}.so.5* from 
/usr/lib to /lib and keep the related lib*.so links in /usr/lib?

Of course it's ok with me to have this important library in /lib, but 
whatever beauty & style the system gets from the move, it's destroyed by 
having a single software scattered over two different places. What's the 
reason for having one part in /lib and another part in /usr/lib? Why not 
everything in /lib (or /usr/lib)?

Kind regards,

PS: JFYI, there are five patches for readline 5.0 available at . The first one seems 
to make the LFS patch from 6.0-testing-20041010 obsolete.

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