LFS + Debian

Daniel Baumann daniel.baumann at panthera-systems.net
Tue Nov 23 03:50:37 PST 2004

RituRaj wrote:
> 1) I need to ensure that my debian wont have any probs
> after i build LFS. PLease let me know rescue disk CD
> resource / howto rescue etc. I have installed sarge
> thru netinst floppies..so i dont have any CD. Would
> woody CD server as rescue for sarge too?
if the filesystem of your root (and /boot) partition is ext2 or ext3, 
then yes.

> 2) If i remove windows in /dev/hda1 and partition it
> in 2  partitions....let me know the changes i need to
> carry out in order to boot debian.
if you removed the bootloader, boot with the woody cd, go to the tty2, 
mount the debian root/boot partitions, chroot into them and re-install 
the bootbloader.

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