marching LFS form Intel to AMD

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Nov 15 23:25:40 PST 2004

thorsten wrote:

> Hello all,
> I built LFS 5.1 / BLFS 5.1.1 on Intel Pentium 4, using no special 
> optimization flags. (except Kernel compile). Now I would like to move 
> the System to AMD Athlon CPU.
> My Question is this:
> Are there any Packages in LFS/BLFS, who pick the processortype out of 
> /proc/cpuinfo and do optimize themselves on configure? In other words: 
> Do you think, I could plug off my Harddrive, plug it into an AMD 
> System and it would run? (except Kernel and possible boot config)
> Thanks in advance
> Thorsten Happel

Depends on what AMD system you're talking about.  You couldn't use it on 
a K6-class chip (those are i586), but if you were using at least an 
Athlon or Duron processor, you should be fine.

The "GMP" package is the only one I know of in BLFS that will actually 
lock itself into a specific CPU.


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