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J. Greenlees jaqui at telus.net
Mon Nov 15 01:14:09 PST 2004

linuxg33k wrote:


> 3. Real world - to remain sane, i had to create a directory in $LFS 
> called gcc-build, copied gcc-core extracted folder to $LFS/gcc-build, 
> cd'd into $LFS/gcc-build/gcc-core and .config'd made and make installed 
> the files to $LFS/tools as it should be.  Now, since I am in   
> $LFS/gcc-build/gcc-core, do I issue the command from here, or do I 
> haveto cd to another directory and issue the ln -s command there ... and 
> more importantly, why?????  Working the logic backwards, if i am in the 
> temporary build directory as per:
> mkdir ../gcc-build
> cd ../gcc-build

> - Rob

given a path of /mnt/lfs/temp/gcc-3.3.3/gcc_build
if you direct the system to use the configure script in the gcc-3.3.3 
directory with the command ../configure
then you con't need to copy the gcc-core into the build and cd into it.
the idea is to keep the created files for the configure and make out of 
the source tree.
by the time you have finished building everything you will have built 
gcc 3 times. by keeping the created config data out of the tree in makes 
the last build easier than removing the entire sources and unpacking 
them to get original sources to work with.


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