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linuxg33k linuxg33k at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 15 00:26:51 PST 2004

Thanks Randy.

Don't worry about being blunt, I've been around linux users a long 
time.  That explains a lot, appreciate it.

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> linuxg33k wrote:
>>> Hey guys, I would greatly appreciate some help on this issue:
>>> [snip long stuff]
>>> Your help on this would be greatly appreciated, it is really hard to 
>>> work around tutorials that are designed to 'teach you' about how a 
>>> linux system is built, yet somehow magicaly expect the 'student' to 
>>> already know this stuff.
>> The symlink command you are struggling with is elementary Linux
>> stuff. It doesn't matter what directory you issue that command in,
>> it will always create a link to the the gcc program in /tools/bin
>> named /tools/bin/cc.
> Rereading my message, perhaps I was a little blunt. My apologies.
> However, to build an LFS system, it is expected that the builder
> knows how to use the basic system commands such as ln.
> Anyway, I looked at "man ln" and that doesn't tell you a whole lot.
> It's been years since I looked at that. There's less there than I
> would have expected.
> The command you asked about: ln -s gcc /tools/bin/cc means this:
> Create a soft link (symlink) in the /tools/bin directory named
> cc which links to the gcc program in the relative directory.
> So, this creates a link that looks like this if you issue ls -l
> /tools/bin/cc -> gcc
> so if you use the (now in the path) cc command, it actually will
> execute the gcc command in the /tools/bin directory.
> I hope this helps some. However, get a good book and review the
> commands you have trouble with. You'll learn a lot more on your
> own than having to be told. Good luck building!

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