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linuxg33k linuxg33k at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 14 23:45:24 PST 2004

Hey guys, I would greatly appreciate some help on this issue:

On the following page of the lfs 5.1.1 guide:


.. at the very bottom, the command is: ln -s gcc /tools/bin/cc

1. In exactly which directory do I issue that command?  It is neither 
clear as to WHY nor WHERE to issue the command and create a symlink. 

2. What is the purpose of this symlink?  The instructions for cd'ing 
into a directory are completely bogus - if you follow the mkdir 
gcc-build then cd into it, then the rest of the instructions for 
referencing the files make no sense at all relative to each other.  How 
can one know where the symlink is supposed to be located if the 
instructions neither say where it needs to be located and Why?

3. Real world - to remain sane, i had to create a directory in $LFS 
called gcc-build, copied gcc-core extracted folder to $LFS/gcc-build, 
cd'd into $LFS/gcc-build/gcc-core and .config'd made and make installed 
the files to $LFS/tools as it should be.  Now, since I am in   
$LFS/gcc-build/gcc-core, do I issue the command from here, or do I 
haveto cd to another directory and issue the ln -s command there ... and 
more importantly, why?????  Working the logic backwards, if i am in the 
temporary build directory as per:

mkdir ../gcc-build
cd ../gcc-build

how the hell is creating a symlink there helpfull (it's not mentioned to 
cd out anywhere else, so how can this make any sense at all?)

Your help on this would be greatly appreciated, it is really hard to 
work around tutorials that are designed to 'teach you' about how a linux 
system is built, yet somehow magicaly expect the 'student' to already 
know this stuff.  I appologize if this turns out to be an error on my 
part, I am however keeping track of a list of issues which I will submit 
as 'suggestions' once i can build lfs and figure out whether or not i am 
misinterpreting whats going on or these are factual errors in the 
assumptions for each of the steps.

Thanks again for your time.

- Rob

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