Finally I installed a LFS5.0 for panasonic laptop Pentium MMX on aP4 computer!

Jim Nelson james4765 at
Wed Nov 10 20:39:49 PST 2004

Mark Lanett wrote:
>>        I feel the LFS book just intend to explain how to install a lfs on
>>the same computer, or another same arch same cpu type computer. The LFS
> book
>>do not talk any about cross compile. It makes a great difficulty for me.
> There is a crosscompile hint.
> I've built a script to build cross and built 486, but I haven't installed it
> on anything; the need went away. Maybe I'll actually use it and see if it
> works.
> Mark L.

Hmm.  I'm going to start on a 386SX-16 (!) soon - what kind of script did you use? 
  Figured this thing is so old, that it'd be a perfect learner system for 
cross-compiling.  Even Slackware is shipping a mix of 486- and Pentium-optimized 
these days.

Perhaps something needs to be put together about packaging up files so you can 
burn an install CD of your from-scratch distro.  Either Slackware's .tgz, .deb's 
or RPM's.  Since this is the best way to put together a distro for some special 
equipment, an appendix in the LFS book on how to make distribution-style packages 
and setting up a package management system would be useful.


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