Accessing USB Flashdrive?

John Gay johngay at
Tue Nov 9 15:29:52 PST 2004

On Fri 29 Oct 2004 04:29, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Yes, the whole mail was a mistake. Sorry. Here is a modified version:
> John Gay wrote:
> >> 1) Symlinks in /etc/hotplug.d/default
> >
> > root at john:~# ls -l /etc/hotplug.d/default/
> > total 4
> > -rwxr-xr-x  1 root root 2924 Jul 26 22:01 default.hotplug
> > lrwxr-xr-x  1 root root   10 Jul  9 04:06 udev.hotplug -> /sbin/udev
> Wrong (you seem to use udev instructions from an old version of the LFS
> book). The upstream instructions (described in the README file of the udev
> tarball) create a symlink to /sbin/udevsend during "make install" that is
> needed to make sure that hotplug events are properly ordered. In udev
> version of around 038, the "wait_for_sysfs" program appeared that has its
> own (additional) symlink.
> Instructions in the current Unstable book match upstream and also avoid the
> creation of the /udev directory and the need to customize the udev
> configuration file.
> However, you probably have to experiment with udev versions. The
> "wait_for_sysfs" thingy is not accounted by our bootscripts at all, so you
> can't use too new versions of udev. On the other hand, versions around 035
> have a bug that causes the 10-second delay in creation of almost all
> devices (not 100% fixed even in the latest udev).
Not entirely sure where this came from, but it works for everything else, so I 
don't want to change it. Hopefully I'll be getting a new PC soon, so I'll 
start over with the latest book/CD and get it right next time.

> Please add support for SCSI disks, not as a module.
Added this and it now works! Thanks for the tip. I was waiting for the 
figh^C^C^C^C discussion to die down before trying anything, then got involved 
in some DIY, but now it's working fine. Plug in and it's connected 
to /dev/sda1, edited /etc/fstab to allow users to mount it and copied some 
files to it, and accessed them from it, so all is now good.

I had left out most SCSI items to keep cdrecord from trying to use the SCSI 
emulation mode which is not needed with the 2.6 kernels.

Thanks again for the explanations, it's nice to know why something isn't 
working and how to get it working properly.


	John Gay
> --
> Alexander E. Patrakov

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