CDROM Boot Initrd Problem

Charles Meier cmeier at
Mon Nov 8 19:56:27 PST 2004

System is an LFS 5.1 w/ Linux  I've created a boot CD
using lilo and BusyBox.  This boots easily on the machine where
the LFS was built.  This box is a dual PIII.  The CD also boots
on a Dell PIII laptop.  But the CD refuses to boot on my older
boxs -- one w/ a K6/300 (mail server) and the other with a PII/200
(replacement firewall/router).  On those machines, the kernel boots
as far as the "Freeing unused kernel memory" message and then appears
to hang w/ no further msgs.  This is the point where /linuxrc should
kick in, but no dice.

I've tried the obvious.  The kernel was compiled w/ the basic
Pentium option.  Busybox was compiled w/ -march=i386.  It doesn't
appear to be a problem with the arch options used to compile
the system.

I started using Linux using a pre-version 1 SLS install.  I've
been upgrading machines from scratch since before there was an
LFS (Kudos to the LFS team -- you're directions have made upgrades
much, much faster) and have always managed to do it successfully
with only occasional references to usenet archives.  But this one
has me completely baffled.

Any ideas?


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