Problem with GCC-CORE 3.3.3

CHEVALIER Maxime chevalier.aetb at
Mon Nov 1 12:14:34 PST 2004


(sorry, my english is not very good)
I use a computer with Mandrake Power Pack 10
The book is LFS 5.1.1 and the all sources used is in tarball package on FTP
at FRANCE[Montpellier].
I have two errors at the chapter 5, GCC-3.3.3(core) PASS1

The command is: make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap

*******End of listing for make BOOT_LDFLAGS="-static" bootstrap*********

Bootstrap complete - make "quickstrap" to redo last build,
"restage1" through "restage3" to rebuild specific stages,
"restrap" to redo the bootstrap from stage1, or
"cleanstrap" to redo the bootstrap from scratch.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
Comparing stage2 and stage3 of the compiler
make[1]: Entering directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
rm -f .bad_compare
case "compare" in compare | compare-lean ) stage=2 ;; * ) stage=`echo
compare | sed -e 's,^compare\([0-9][0-9]*\).*,\1,'` ;; esac; \
for file in *.o; do \
  tail +16c ./$file > tmp-foo1; \
  tail +16c stage$stage/$file > tmp-foo2 \
    && (cmp tmp-foo1 tmp-foo2 > /dev/null 2>&1 || echo $file differs >>
.bad_compare) || true; \
case "compare" in compare | compare-lean ) stage=2 ;; * ) stage=`echo
compare | sed -e 's,^compare\([0-9][0-9]*\).*,\1,'` ;; esac; \
for dir in tmp-foo intl ; do \
  if [ "`echo $dir/*.o`" != "$dir/*.o" ] ; then \
    for file in $dir/*.o; do \
      tail +16c ./$file > tmp-foo1; \
      tail +16c stage$stage/$file > tmp-foo2 \
        && (cmp tmp-foo1 tmp-foo2 > /dev/null 2>&1 || echo $file differs >>
.bad_compare) || true; \
    done; \
  else true; fi; \
rm -f tmp-foo*
case "compare" in compare | compare-lean ) stage=2 ;; * ) stage=`echo
compare | sed -e 's,^compare\([0-9][0-9]*\).*,\1,'` ;; esac; \
if [ -f .bad_compare ]; then \
  echo "Bootstrap comparison failure!"; \
  cat .bad_compare; \
  exit 1; \
else \
  case "compare" in \
    *-lean ) rm -rf stage$stage ;; \
    *) ;; \
  esac; true; \
Bootstrap comparison failure!
alias.o differs
attribs.o differs
bb-reorder.o differs
bitmap.o differs
builtins.o differs
caller-save.o differs
calls.o differs
c-aux-info.o differs
c-common.o differs
c-convert.o differs
c-decl.o differs
c-dump.o differs
c-errors.o differs
cfganal.o differs
cfgbuild.o differs
cfgcleanup.o differs
cfglayout.o differs
cfgloop.o differs
cfg.o differs
cfgrtl.o differs
c-format.o differs
c-lang.o differs
c-lex.o differs
c-objc-common.o differs
collect2.o differs
combine.o differs
conflict.o differs
convert.o differs
c-opts.o differs
c-parse.o differs
cpperror.o differs
cppexp.o differs
cppfiles.o differs
cpphash.o differs
cppinit.o differs
cpplex.o differs
cpplib.o differs
cppmacro.o differs
cppmain.o differs
cppspec.o differs
cpptrad.o differs
c-pragma.o differs
c-pretty-print.o differs
cselib.o differs
c-semantics.o differs
cse.o differs
c-typeck.o differs
dbxout.o differs
debug.o differs
df.o differs
diagnostic.o differs
doloop.o differs
dominance.o differs
dummy-conditions.o differs
dwarf2asm.o differs
dwarf2out.o differs
dwarfout.o differs
emit-rtl.o differs
errors.o differs
et-forest.o differs
except.o differs
explow.o differs
expmed.o differs
expr.o differs
final.o differs
flow.o differs
fold-const.o differs
function.o differs
gccspec.o differs
gcov.o differs
gcse.o differs
genattr.o differs
genattrtab.o differs
genautomata.o differs
gencheck.o differs
gencodes.o differs
genconditions.o differs
genconfig.o differs
genconstants.o differs
genemit.o differs
genextract.o differs
genflags.o differs
gengenrtl.o differs
gengtype-lex.o differs
gengtype.o differs
gengtype-yacc.o differs
genopinit.o differs
genoutput.o differs
genpeep.o differs
genpreds.o differs
genrecog.o differs
genrtl.o differs
gensupport.o differs
ggc-common.o differs
ggc-none.o differs
ggc-page.o differs
global.o differs
graph.o differs
gtype-desc.o differs
haifa-sched.o differs
hashtable.o differs
hooks.o differs
i386.o differs
ifcvt.o differs
insn-attrtab.o differs
insn-conditions.o differs
insn-emit.o differs
insn-extract.o differs
insn-opinit.o differs
insn-output.o differs
insn-peep.o differs
insn-recog.o differs
integrate.o differs
jump.o differs
langhooks.o differs
lcm.o differs
line-map.o differs
lists.o differs
local-alloc.o differs
loop.o differs
main.o differs
mbchar.o differs
mkdeps.o differs
optabs.o differs
params.o differs
predict.o differs
print-rtl1.o differs
print-rtl.o differs
print-tree.o differs
profile.o differs
ra-build.o differs
ra-colorize.o differs
ra-debug.o differs
ra.o differs
ra-rewrite.o differs
read-rtl.o differs
real.o differs
recog.o differs
regclass.o differs
regmove.o differs
regrename.o differs
reg-stack.o differs
reload1.o differs
reload.o differs
reorg.o differs
resource.o differs
rtlanal.o differs
rtl-error.o differs
rtl.o differs
sbitmap.o differs
sched-deps.o differs
sched-ebb.o differs
sched-rgn.o differs
sched-vis.o differs
sdbout.o differs
sibcall.o differs
simplify-rtx.o differs
ssa-ccp.o differs
ssa-dce.o differs
ssa.o differs
stmt.o differs
stor-layout.o differs
stringpool.o differs
timevar.o differs
tlink.o differs
tracer.o differs
tree-dump.o differs
tree-inline.o differs
tree.o differs
unroll.o differs
varasm.o differs
varray.o differs
version.o differs
vmsdbgout.o differs
xcoffout.o differs
make[1]: *** [compare] Erreur 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/mnt/lfs/sources/gcc-build/gcc'
make: *** [bootstrap] Erreur 2

***** END OF LISTING********

I was try to continu the compilation but I'have problem after with Tcl-8.4.6
and I havn't got the message [Requesting program interpreter:
/tools/lib/] for Glibc, the field was empty.
I think my problem start with GCC-CORE

Please help me

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