[HINT] More Control and Package Management Using Package Users

Matthias B. msbREMOVE-THIS at winterdrache.de
Wed Nov 3 10:43:25 PST 2004

After more than 2 years the more_control_... hint has finally been
updated, and even in time for the LFS 6.0 release, so everyone who read
6.1 Introduction and was intrigued by the idea of "a package management
method specifically geared towards LFS" but got scared seeing that the
hint being pointed to is so old, now's the time to try again.

This is not just an update, it's almost a complete rewrite. The new hint
is better structured, more streamlined and much more readable (and longer,
too, reclaiming the largest-hint-ever crown temporarily lost to
pure_lfs.txt :-). 

But the real highlight are the utilities provided in the
more_control_helpers archive. Even if you're already using the package
user method and not interested in building a new system anytime soon,
you'll want to download those.

My hint submission still "awaits moderator approval" due to a "suspicious
header", so I have no idea when the hint will be uploaded to
linuxfromscratch.org. In the meantime you can find it here:


Tushar, if you see this: I'd really like to know what's so suspicious
about my headers.


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