bash - history - 2nd

jaca jherold at
Mon Nov 1 11:15:22 PST 2004

Hello everyone!

I spent some time reading Your suggestions on the bash 3.0 history
problem. So I've found some patches for readline that helps (in my
case). The patches are available at:

there are 5 patches that solved my problem (i dont know which one is
that particular). So now the history scrolling is like in bash-2.05b.

The other problem is that the history file was not updated while
logout. I solved it by adding the .bash_logout file and the line:

"history > .bash_history" in this file.

Tell me please if this way if correct or no.

PS The problem of history scrolling is in my case from 20040722. Who
can i consult to put some correction to the book?


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