problems with glibc-2.3.4-20040701 and gcc-3.4 (undef ref to .LC3)

Thomas Hackert thackert at
Mon Nov 1 01:43:20 PST 2004

Hi Anthony,
On Monday 01 November 2004 09:13, Anthony de Almeida Lopes wrote:
have you read:
You missed to mention
a. which host distribution and
b. which book version you are using and
c. in which chapter does your error occur?
I think that would make it easier for us to help you ... ;)

> hi, i'm having trouble building glibc with gcc-3.4 (patch w/
> propolice ssp)  it's not building iconvconfig. i've pasted the
> output below. i'm also going to post the contents of crtn.S
> because mine may differ from other peoples's because of
> propolice. (it's breif) this is the problematic line:
>      15         leal    .LC2 at GOTOFF(%ebx), %eax
> below are my configure options:
>         ../configure --prefix=/usr \
>         --disable-profile \
>         --enable-add-ons=nptl \
>         --enable-kernel=2.6.0 \
>         --without-cvs \
>         --libexecdir=/usr/lib \
This seems to be in chapter six, right? Is this the first build or 
the second?
P.S.: And please try to search the archives at first, please ... ;)

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