Normal user can't list vfat mount point

Cynthia Higginbotham cyhiggin at
Wed Mar 31 12:02:21 PST 2004

On Wednesday 31 March 2004 03:39 am, Tran Ngoc Hieu wrote:
> Yah, a brain typo. I didn't read carefully. He's getting 744, which
> suggests
> a default umask=033. That's an odd setting, but the solution (to the VFAT
> mount permissions issue) should still be the same.
> --> Thank you, but the umask for root is 022 (755) and for normal users is
> 002 on my LFS system. That means when root creats a folder then normal can
> view its content. As normal user on Red Hat (the host system which I built
> LFS), I can list /mnt/hdd4. I don't understand why the permissions on this
> directory is rwxr-xr-x (when I mkdir it), but when the vfat partition is
> mounted, it became rwxr--r-- (where are x permission?), although I mounted
> it with options users, user, or defaults.

The light has dawned. Try adding the option 'exec' to your fstab. A quote
from 'man mount' about the 'users' option:

              users  Allow  every  user  to mount and unmount the file system.
                     This option implies the options noexec, nosuid, and nodev
                     (unless  overridden  by  subsequent  options,  as  in the
                     option line users,exec,dev,suid).

I just checked, and the same thing happens when I do a user-mount of my 
windows partition. In my case, it is not a problem  because I'm not running 
WINE or DOSEMU and can't execute Win/DOS binaries when I'm booted to Linux.

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