Starting with LFS

Kayo kayo at
Wed Mar 31 08:57:01 PST 2004

> Sebastiano Pomata wrote:
> > Ok thanks all, I hope to start building my new Linux system at the end
> > of this week. Approximately, how long does it takes to build base system
> > on a Penitum III 600? Some weeks :-) ?
> Totally worth it though. My LFS5 boxes are my favorite systems to work on
> right now.
> Durk

Yeah, I second that - totally worth it !

To compile my LFS system, I used a shell under emacs - in half a window -
the other half emacs window had LFS-Book-5.0 to refer to
Copy-paste was then pretty simple.

However, I have a feeling that when the shell window got too much logged
information into it, the entire build process used to get slow - only a
hunch though. Else, things were pretty confortable this way.

Good luck !


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