Starting with LFS

Durk van Veen nntp.durk at
Tue Mar 30 21:41:30 PST 2004

Sebastiano Pomata wrote:

> Ok thanks all, I hope to start building my new Linux system at the end
> of this week. Approximately, how long does it takes to build base system
> on a Penitum III 600? Some weeks :-) ?

I've done two systems using the 5.0 book so far. Both on Celeron400MHz
processors. The first took me 3 weeks off and on. The second took 1 week,
pretty much working on it every evening for several hours. This stuff
definately takes some time and unless you use build scripts (which I was
not) it requires quite a lot of manual intervention. 

Totally worth it though. My LFS5 boxes are my favorite systems to work on
right now.


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