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Ken Moffat ken at
Tue Mar 30 12:45:50 PST 2004

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004, John wrote:

> Sebastiano Pomata wrote:
> >Hi all, I think now I'm ready to start building my own Linux system, so
> >I've read the LFS-BOOK 5.0, but I haven't installed anything yet. My
> >answer is: when I've finished building base system, every thing that I
> >would like to install on it should be compiled from scratch as for the
> >base system? Is it documented in Beyond LFS? Is it possible to do
> >it for a normal user like me or it's very difficult? thanks all
> >
> >
> As long as you follow the book, anybody can do it.
> Try 5.1pre1

 Yes to folowing BLFS (and the LFS hints for things that aren't in
BLFS).  Once you've got to the end of LFS you should be in a good
position to build the rest of it and research/debug any problems that
arise.  Just remember not to delete the host system (assuming you're
using it for the internet connection) until you've build everything you

 No to following 5.1-pre1.  I'm not denying that it works for many
people (particularly on i686), but some people have had difficulties
with it.  If you're /really/ brave, try 5.1-pre2 when it is released,
but until we've all given it a shot and found what oddities may lurk in
the far reaches of BLFS you're better off starting with 5.0 - you can
always upgrade later.  In fact, unless you know exactly which
applications you want, you're probably best trying a lot the first time,
then building a slimmer system with only what you are going to use.
AFAIKR, with the exception of the kernel (hint - use linux-2.4.25)
nothing much in 5.0 is dangerous.

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