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Karl Wilbur karl at
Tue Mar 30 12:36:30 PST 2004

Sebastiano Pomata wrote:

> Hi all, I think now I'm ready to start building my own Linux system, so
> I've read the LFS-BOOK 5.0, but I haven't installed anything yet. My
> answer is: when I've finished building base system, every thing that I
> would like to install on it should be compiled from scratch as for the
> base system? Is it documented in Beyond LFS? Is it possible to do
> it for a normal user like me or it's very difficult? thanks all

You don't have to compile everything from source.   You *can* install
pre-compiled binaries.  But why?  The BLFS book will walk you through building
packages from source for most everything you are going to need.  It is done in
pretty much the same way as the LFS book.  And, once you have finished with the
BLFS book, you will be pretty comfortable with building packages from source so
if there is something that you want which is not covered in the BLFS book, you
could install it fairly easily on your own.

The BLFS book is not much more difficult that the LFS book, based on my personal

-Karl Wilbur

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