Normal user can't list vfat mount point

jeremy at jeremy at
Mon Mar 29 19:40:46 PST 2004

> I've just finished installing LFS 5.0. I created /mnt/hdd4 and mount  a
> partition (type vfat) on it. But only the roor can list it, normal user
> can
> not. Although I added an entry point in /etc/fstab with defaults options,
> but
> it's no use. The permissions on /mnt/hdd4 is rwxr-xr-x but when the FAT
> partition is mounted it becomes rwxr--r--. What went wrong with me? Can
> someone
> help me fix it, please?

Try changing fstab to say:


This will give global read privs to the mount.  Myself, when I mount a
vfat partition via fstab, I use umask=000, so my user account can write to
it, but that's just me, and wouldn't be good security.


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