beginner's problem with lfs book 2004-02-14

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Mon Mar 29 13:58:12 PST 2004

Muczy wrote:

> Hello everyone!
> So here is my problem:
> I'm using a Redhat 9 on a 2ghz celeron, 256Mb ram.
> When I get to the section "Change chroot", I copy and past the chroot 
> command to the terminal (cause I'm using X), so I make no mistakes!
> Then Redhat says that "env" is not a directory. Well, honestly, he's 
> right, but this problem didn't existed on Mandrak 9.2 .
> I changed to Redhat because there were some problems on Mandrake with 
> Gcc, but that is another story.
> So, what have I done bad?
> Thanx 4 helping!!!
> Muczy ( muczy at )

This sounds like the LFS variable is not set. Do an `echo $LFS' before 
running the chroot command. If it prints the directory you are 
installing lfs to then something else is a problem. If it prints nothing 
then it means that the LFS variable is unset. In that case you need to 
do something like `export LFS=/mnt/lfs' to set the variable before you 
chroot. Alternatively, you can just provide the absolute directory path 
to the chroot command instead of using the LFS variable in the chroot 

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