beginner's problem with lfs book 2004-02-14

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Mon Mar 29 11:19:16 PST 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 21:12, Muczy wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> So here is my problem:
> I'm using a Redhat 9 on a 2ghz celeron, 256Mb ram.
> When I get to the section "Change chroot", I copy and past the chroot 
> command to the terminal (cause I'm using X), so I make no mistakes!
> Then Redhat says that "env" is not a directory. Well, honestly, he's right, 
> but this problem didn't existed on Mandrak 9.2 .
> I changed to Redhat because there were some problems on Mandrake with Gcc, 
> but that is another story.
> So, what have I done bad?
> Thanx 4 helping!!!
> Muczy ( muczy at )
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> Probald ki most!

Try to follow anything the book syas , if the book doesnt says: use X ,
then dont use X , starrting in failsafe mode usualy doesnt starts X. Id
it still doesnt work: try creating the directory yourself :D


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