5.1 system running, but error compiling further packages (e.g. mc)

hh09 at onlinehome.de hh09 at onlinehome.de
Mon Mar 29 06:22:01 PST 2004

hello world.
may I ask for help, regarding to following situation after successfully
(?) creating my lfs5.1 for my email/file-server (after 3 days hard
working - I'm not the linux-expert indeed).


detailed going through the 5.1-book, creating the lfs step by step, all
the modules, all the tests and checks as recommended

rebooting new lfs51 is ok

compiling a package such as mc leads to breaks, because of missing bison
resp. flex. 
reinstalling flex or bison isn't possible: each is depending on the
other to be installed first in some way (lex?).

do you have an idea?

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