glibc make check error (LFS 5.1-pre1) [ resolved if not solved ]

Jack ostroffjh at
Sat Mar 27 21:06:12 PST 2004

On 2004.03.25 21:01, Jack wrote:
> On 2004.03.25 20:44, jeremy at wrote:
>> Which glibc are you using - the date-tagged one that's currently
>> listed in5.1-pre, or the new -rc1 one that Ryan put together.  At 
>> any rate, using a roughly similar machine to yours (Athlon XP 2500
>> +), I have no test failures in either one of those glibc tarballs.  
>> See what happens when you start with a clean extract of the tar.bz2 
>> file.
> I used the date-tagged per the book (as I downloaded a few weeks 
> ago).  I'll try rebuilding clean.  I've already readjusted the 
> toolchain (page following glibc).  Does it matter if I do/don't put 
> it back?
Oh well.  A rebuild from clean source seems to have worked.  There is 
no apparent change to the source, since I made the entire source tree 
read only (chmod -w) although running as root, I'm still skeptical.

>> It could, if we can determine it to be a problem in the glibc 
>> tarballs instead of "user error" - but with so many of us building 
>> on i686 successfully, it seems questionable about whether it's a 
>> glibc
>> problem.
> I certainly would not yet rule out user error....
I suppose it was, but I still can't tell what I did wrong.

Thanks for the responses.

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