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Thu Mar 25 07:30:20 PST 2004

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On 25-3-2004 15:38, Richard Hamilton wrote:

| You've got me on this one. In a perfect world I'd say you're not using
| the correct file name.  But you can load the other kernel so I don't
| think that is the problem here.  I can't say for sure either way.  Do
| you have access to another machine running Linux? You could try moving
| the kernel to another machine or perhaps trying a boot floppy if the
| kernel is small enough. If the kernel works on another machine or with a
| boot floppy, I would assume it is an issue with GRUB.

yeah thats what i thought as well, i keeped changing the name of the
kernel en then updated the one in the menu.lst, even using the grub
console its not use. And the other loads just fine.
Running it on a other pc...
i kinda compiled it for this pc only. ( athlon ) and its the only one i
got, the other box is a P2 350Mhz, P 100  and thats it :(

the kernel is to large for a disk (1.6MB) not that would help.
Damn i hope to have my main system running a 2.6 kernel lol :S
never dreamed of this kinda trouble hahaha

oh well, just keep going and see if i can find the trouble of it :)

If any one got a idea ( no matter how silly ) reply :) it might help :P
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