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On 25-3-2004 0:01, twbms wrote:
| On 24-3-2004 22:39, Ken Moffat wrote:
| |
| |  Silly question first: did you cp the bzImage to /boot/kernel after
| | you'd built it ?  For more info, maybe `ls -l /boot' would be useful.
| |
| | Ken
| lo ken,
| No its not a silly question, and yes i copied it to the /boot directory,
| i even copied along the file.
| giving a list of the /boot gone be hard, me beig on windows at the
| moment, i do how ever am able to take a screenshot of it ( using LTOOLS
| to read the linux partition )
| twbms

The pic of the /boot folder.
Also info about my partition table.
hda1 = windows
hda2 = old boot partition, changed it to hda4 ( since i need it for the
final system ) and yes i installed grub on it.
hda3 extended partition, wich contain hda5 and hda6
hda4 = swap file
hda5 = LFS 5.1
hda6 = this gone be the new linux 2.6 with nplt ( if i get it to load my
kernel )

hdb is a sata disk.

On 25-3-2004 4:14, Richard Hamilton wrote:
| What happens if you try to load the kernel from the command line of

Same thing happens, it can't find file and i get a error 15.
but if i load the LFSkernel, wich is also in the dir it loads just fine.

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