grub missing kernel...

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> What happens if you try to load the kernel from the command line of
> GRUB? Oh wait....
> Is this right?
> kernel (hd0,4)/boot/kernel
> I thought that the kernel line Linux device names like this:
> kernel /vmlinuz ro root=/dev/hda3 # or whatever your was/

kernel (hd0,4)/boot/kernel is an example of explicit grub syntax. You are
giving an absolute pathname to the kernel.

kernel /vmlinuz is implicit, and only correct if you have a seperate /boot
partition which is hosting the grub install. (containing the active grub
files menu.lst, stage2 etc.) and the kernel you were booting was vmlinuz.

If you don't have a /boot partition, then implicitly:

kernel /boot/kernelname

and explicitly:

kernel (hdn,m)/boot/kernelname

(hdn,m) being the grub partition designation. _Important_ grub does not map
(hdn,m) to the linux partition designators. In general, (hd0,4) does NOT =
hda3 !   (Although in practice it might very well be so.)  hda through hdf
are searched for hd's only, and grub drive numbers asigned for any found. As
an example, my hd0 is hde.


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