LFS Filename' Version

Bryan Parkoff bryan.nospam.parkoff at nospam.com
Wed Mar 24 14:51:51 PST 2004

    I am new to LFS.  Is it the right newsgroups that I can discuss how to
install LFS?

    I have downloaded all the files except few files below.

GCC 2.95.3
Grep 2.5.1
Perl 5.8.0
Procps 3.1.11
Zlib 1.1.4

    I read LFS 5.0 Book and it says that it is bad idea to download latest
version because it might have some unknown bugs.  I have searched for the
exact version on the internet via google search, but no luck.

    It should be GCC-2.95.3.tar.gz, but it only shows
GCC-everything-2.95.3.tar.gz.  Which file should I download?  Why is version
2.95.3, but it should be version 3.3.1 like GCC-core and GCC-g++?

    Grep 2.5.1 is not available, but it is probably deleted.  Perl 5.8.0
does the same.  Procps and Zlib do the same also.

    Do you have a copy of files so you can e-mail them to me?  Otherwise,
what is the current version do you recommend?

    I appreciate your help.

Bryan Parkoff
BParkoff at satx.rr.com

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