vmWare and lfs

Doug Sutherland wearable at cogeco.ca
Sun Mar 21 09:45:16 PST 2004

One more note on this ... assuming that your gcc specs file is correct and
your login and environment variables are correct ... this is important:

Re-Adjusting the toolchain ...
For this we retained the source and build directories from the second pass
over Binutils. Install the adjusted linker by running the following from
within the binutils-build directory:

make -C ld INSTALL=/tools/bin/install install <snip>

Did you retain your binutils-build after the second pass build of it,
and did you run the Re-Adjust Toolchain commands from within the
binutils-build directory? If not, none of this will work ...

 > I see that in effects, it point to the incorrect program interpreter,
 > but I've looked at the spec file and I can assure that it point to
 > /tools/lib/ld-linux.so2, so, from witch directory should I launch the 
 > echo 'main(){}' > dummy.c 

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