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Doug Sutherland wearable at cogeco.ca
Sat Mar 20 04:53:19 PST 2004

Max wrote:

 > I didn't set  up a separate partition for lfs, but I tried through vmware
 > Workstation 4.05, where I installed RH9.

The lfs needs to be on a separate partition from redhat if you're going to
follow the book. I suggest that you follow the book until you succed and
understand what's going on before trying things differently.

 > readelf -l a.out|grep ': /tools' command.

This means your temporary toolchain isn't configured properly. Remove the
grep from that command see what a.out used as program interpreter.

 > It isn't first time I try to create an lfs system, last time I failed too,
 > but when I arrived till about page 100, I didn'failed so early!

Did you follow the book at least once? The faq sez

If this is your first time building LFS, using a version not in the book or
varying from the book in any way is not a good idea. The IRC channel regulars
have a saying, "FBBG". As rms, the resident bot, is quick to say, this means,
"Follow Book, Book Good." They and the people on the lists have helped many
an unhappy newbie who deviated from the book during that first build." Once
you've built a system "by the book", you have a stable knowledge base from
which to experiment to your heart's content (or pain, as is often the case.) "

Not using a separate partition, and using vmware, is definitely varying
from the book. 

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