Network startup

Daryl Lee dlee at
Sun Mar 14 18:41:11 PST 2004

I have my new 5.1pre1 running, but can't get the network interface
started.  At the end of the startup output stream, I have a big ol'
orange "You shouldn't be seeing this..." message.  Right before that, I

Bringing up the eth0 interface             [ OK ]
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Device or resource busy.

I can log in after that, but every time I try "ifconfig eth0 up" I get
the same SIOCSIFFLAGS error.  "ifconfig eth0 down" executes quietly, and
"ifconfig eth0" gives reasonable output except for the missing "UP" in
front of BROADCAST...

Members of this list have been very helpful to me, and I appreciate it.
A little more help will be greatly appreciated.

Daryl Lee
LFS ID 12522 (5.1pre1)

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