Cursor Keys in vi?

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Sat Mar 13 11:27:13 PST 2004

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004, Daniel [ISO-8859-1] Díaz wrote:

> Does anybody knows the answer to the original question? I happen to have
> the same problem with my LFS 5.0.
> I think it is related to the xterm terminal, because that's reported on
> X and on a SSH session. This only happens with vi, nano, and the like;
> bash is ok.
> The cursor keys work fine in nano, but end-of-line and beginning-of-line
> do not seem to work (they show an H or an F letter instead). (The
> letter+newline happens on vi, also.)
> I have tried many inputrc configurations, but none of them work
> properly.
> Any hint on where to look?

I just use what is in the BLFS book and have few problems, IIRC.

> Daniel Díaz
> yosoy at

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