problem with framebuffer support

Shelton shelton at
Fri Mar 12 01:05:11 PST 2004

I think it's simply a problem with the hex value. grub's vga 
takes a single integer that represents a series of options.
Before your next boot, set the vga option to "ask" and you 
will get
a list of available modes.

	kernel /blah vga=ask hdblah=blah fleh=grog etc=etc

for a little more in depth look....


dienadel wrote:
> Helllo,
> After finishing LFS 5.0, i recompiled the kernel to have high resolution 
> mode in the console, before init BLFS. As is explained in the 
> frame-buffer howto, i compile the kernel with the following options 
> (into the kernel, no as modules):
> VGA Text Console
> Video Selection Support
> Support for frame buffer devices (experimental)
> VESA VGA Graphic console
> Advanced Low Level Drivers ***
> Select Mono, 2bpp, 4bpp, 8bpp, 16bpp, 24bpp and 32bpp packed pixel 
> drivers ***
> *** the first time i did't built them, as i did in my old LFS 4.0 they. 
> now the are built in
> These are the same options that i had working fine in LFS 4.0, with my 
> NVIDIA GeForce 2MX
> Well, i had lilo, but know i use grub. In menu.lst i put vga=0x305
> But nothing, it doesn't work.
> I included AGP with VIA motherboard, but nothing.
> /dev/fb0 exists...
> i dont't know what i'm missing. any idea?
> thanks
> dienadel

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