glibc-2.3.2 configure error

Jonathan Serafini serafini.jonathan at
Thu Mar 11 20:28:23 PST 2004

Try the following :

Prompt> echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH
(exp.:) $<name> refers to the content of the variable, echo will print
        its contents to the screen.

        If it printed something other than a blank line, the variable is
        set to a value. (probably so in this case)

	  To kill the variable, you'll use the unset command as follows
        (Note: Here we don't start with a $ sign because we're referring
        to the variable itself, not it's contents..)
Prompt> unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH

--- has a lot of documentation ..

you might also want to try the following to get help on Bash .. your
command-line interface/programming language

Prompt> Man bash

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> how about `unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH' ?  Using the current directory to
> override libraries sounds like a recipe for disaster.
Thanks for the fast reply, you'll have to forgive my ignorance (I'm
relatively new to Linux & LFS) but exactly how do I do that? Do I pass
it as 
a parameter of the configure command or do I have to ammend a file?


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