Anacoda-like solution

Eric Eric at NoAddr.ess
Thu Mar 11 16:58:44 PST 2004

Fin wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to complete the development cycle and build a full
> distro CD.
> RedHat and others now use Anaconda ( itself a RedHat package) to achieve
> this and I was wondering if anyone
> has done such a thing with LFS or BLFS as it seems to make perfect sense to
> built a system from scratch,
> then use RPM to package it and Anaconda to install it on client systems.
> I am looking for a single CD hardened and custom server install, to which
> LFS led itself perfectly that my clients
> can install themselves via a simple gui. Anaconda provides this well.
> Any suggestions
> Fin.
> P.S.
> I realise that I could simple use a kick-start / custom anaconda build using
> my RedHat Distro as a starting point, but
> when I take into account all the changes that I need to make to the system
> it would be preferable to build from source.
Shouldn't this be in chat or
but, you could use nALFS (I think) as a backend and then use anaconda as 
the front end. but I am thinking of looking into this myself (as soon as 
my latest LFS build is finished)

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