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Wed Mar 10 15:48:49 PST 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Daryl Lee wrote:

> I'm in Ch 6 of 5.1pre1 (HTML version) for my second time, and am now
> going to ask a question I should've asked the first time.  In
> "Installing GCC-3.3.2" of Ch. 6, there is the following sentence:
> Note: Be careful NOT to apply the GCC Specs patch from Chapter 5 here.
> "Chapter 5" in that sentence is a link that takes Gentle Reader back to
> the beginning of Chapter 5, where he is left to decipher what the
> reference is to.  I decided it was to the sed script at "Locking in"
> Glibc."  If that is correct, might it be possible to change the link to
> point the reader back to that specific page, rather than to the start of
> the chapter?  If that is not correct, could someone correct me?

There is a specific patch applied, named like this


(your version may be different than this)

Don't re-apply that.

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