GCC Specs

Daryl Lee dlee at altaregos.com
Wed Mar 10 15:23:47 PST 2004

I'm in Ch 6 of 5.1pre1 (HTML version) for my second time, and am now
going to ask a question I should've asked the first time.  In
"Installing GCC-3.3.2" of Ch. 6, there is the following sentence:

Note: Be careful NOT to apply the GCC Specs patch from Chapter 5 here.

"Chapter 5" in that sentence is a link that takes Gentle Reader back to
the beginning of Chapter 5, where he is left to decipher what the
reference is to.  I decided it was to the sed script at "Locking in"
Glibc."  If that is correct, might it be possible to change the link to
point the reader back to that specific page, rather than to the start of
the chapter?  If that is not correct, could someone correct me?

Daryl Lee
Open the present--it's a gift.

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