duplicate brandnew LFS5.0

Kevin Alm kevinalm at shenessex.heartland.net
Wed Mar 10 11:16:30 PST 2004

On Wednesday 10 March 2004 12:53 pm, Andre wrote:
> Just finished building LFS5.0 on a Cx486DX4, 64M RAM. It took a while but
> it was totally worth it. I was looking for a distro that would be compact
> because I am planning on running it with only 500M HD. It boots sooo fast
> now.
> The whole system occupies 390M (I haven't installed anything on top of
> LFS5.0 yet).
> Now I am wondering how I go about putting it on another disk. Can anybody
> suggest a method? How do I backup the whole thing? Can I use cpio or tar
> and will there be problems with copying /dev and/or /proc?

Yes, several directories (like /dev and /proc) will cause problems if they are 
in use. What you can do is boot a live cd distro or perhaps the rescue option 
on some distro install cd #1. Or pop the hd into a computer that has linux on 
it, mount the hd and tar it. The idea is to have these directorie inactive 
(not in use as /dev /proc by a running linux system. Be sure to preserver 
perms and owners when using the tar command. I actually did this. Used the 
host system to tar the lfs buid. Then wiped the host partion and used the 
origanal lfs build to transfer and untar lfs to where rh had been. Byebye Red 
Hat ;) 

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