ADSL PPPOE blues...

John McSwain jmcswain at
Tue Mar 9 18:27:55 PST 2004

J. wrote:
> I'm got a LFS system working on my pc recently and i'm
> wondering if there's somebody that can connect to the
> internet using it. I'm using an ADSL modem (Arescom
> netDSL 1000) connected to an ethernet card (D-link
> d-530tx recognized as a realtek chip)and i can't get
> this working. I'm tried almost every resource on the
> Net to get this work and it dont work (rp-pppoe, ppp
> 2.4.2b3 scripts, some old howtos i got in google) but
> nothing usable for now. (including steps in BLFS).

These are some notes I made last June( As I recall getting kernel mode
ppoe working required getting the module in the correct location):

           Install ppp-2.4.2.b3
rp-ppoe-3.5(./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-plugin=$PPPDIR)See
                Added /etc/rc.d/init.d/pppoe
            Ran adsl-setup
            Unable to have kernel mode pppoe work
2003-06-19  User mode pppoe working
            Symlinked pppoe S20 rc{3,4,5}.d K48 rc{0,6}.d K89 rc{1,2}
            mv /etc/ppp/plugins/
            ln -s  ../../../usr/lib/pppd//2.4.2b3/
            Kernel mode pppoe working!

Hopes this helps!

John McSwain

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