ADSL PPPOE blues...

J. stargeizer at
Tue Mar 9 15:59:03 PST 2004

Hi everyone...

I'm got a LFS system working on my pc recently and i'm
wondering if there's somebody that can connect to the
internet using it. I'm using an ADSL modem (Arescom
netDSL 1000) connected to an ethernet card (D-link
d-530tx recognized as a realtek chip)and i can't get
this working. I'm tried almost every resource on the
Net to get this work and it dont work (rp-pppoe, ppp
2.4.2b3 scripts, some old howtos i got in google) but
nothing usable for now. (including steps in BLFS).

Can somebody help with this (if possible or if have
found a solution to similar problems?))

Hint: knoppix 3.3 can't connect (although detects the
Connection), Mandrake 9+ can and red hat 9 can, but i
can't find any sources to use on my recently installed
lfs system to get this work.

Thanks in advance


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