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Fri Mar 5 15:43:25 PST 2004

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> > I recently built LFS 5.0 on a Dell Dimension H266 with a 266 MHz
> > processor, 128 MB RAM and a 5400 rpm hard disk and had no problems
> > (except for occasional boredom while the bigger stuff compiled!).
> >
> > Paul
> Built LFS 5.0 on a P-Pro 200MHz w/ 64MB RAM 1.2GB HDD. SBU~1hr but it
> works.  It's my Internet gateway system.
> Earlier posts to LFS-Chat about someone building on "An 18-ish
> Intel i386DX/20 + i387 of 11.5Mb DRAM...Binutils-2.14
> Pass 1 took a total of 1 Day, 3 Hours, 47 Minutes and 43 Seconds NOT
> including the un-Taring of the package..."
> LFS-Chat thread "LFS on my i386/20"

Yep, and the i386/20 is still compiling glibc from chapter 5. I have
also built LFS 5.0 on a 486DX4/100 with 64Mb and a 640Mb + 810Mb SCSI.
Also on a P233 MMX in 64Mb on a 3Gig drive. So I don't think the problem
is the speed - I would look at BIOS settings (set them to conservative
values), cabling (SCSI, IDE, Floppy etc), re-seat memory and anything
else that is socketed. I recommend trying Memtest to prove your memory
is not faulty. I ran it on the i386 before I started compiling. I found
that one 256K x 1bit chip out of 270 was faulty - I'm glad I spent 6
hours with memtest rather than find it further down the road compiling

Good Luck.

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