Install Binutils-2.14 Error

Scott Ding aries_dy at
Thu Mar 4 17:55:03 PST 2004

Roel Neefs wrote:

> On Friday 05 March 2004 01:41, Scott Ding wrote:
>>Scott Ding wrote:
>>>Hi all
>>>    I install Bash is ok, but  Binutils-2.14 is error.
>>>error log:
>>>checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of
>>>Makefiles... no creating ./config.status
>>>creating Makefile
>>>Configuring in intl
>>>loading cache .././config.cache
>>>checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
>>>checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -s -E
>>>checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes
>>>checking for gcc... gcc -s
>>>checking whether the C compiler (gcc -s -g -O2 -all-static)
>>>works... no configure: error: installation or configuration
>>>problem: C compiler cannot create executables.
>>>make: *** [configure-intl] Error 1
>>>my system info:
>>>GCC 3.2.2
>>>LFS 5.0
>>>Scott Ding
>>>2004 3.5
>>And I use the follow command to install it:
>>mkdir ../binutils -build &&
>>cd ../binutils -build &&
> this should twice be binutils-build, not binutils -build
>>../binutils-2.13/configure --prefix=$LFS/static --disable-nls &&
> and here's your problem, you say you are following lfs 5.0, but these 
> commands seem to be from lfs 4.0 (if i recall correctly that one used 
> binutils 2.13), newer binutils requires the make configure-host before 
> the make LDFLAGS=-all-static, follow the right book :)
>>make LDFLAGS=-all-static &&
>>make install
Thank you
Thanks very much.

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