bad ELF interpreter

Anthony Rabaa not at true.address
Thu Mar 4 12:08:52 PST 2004

Karl Wilbur wrote:
>>I think this error is due to you using a different directory  to /tools,
>>IIRC the gcc spec-patch has tools hard-coded into it, so you either have
>>to change the patch or use /tools. In general I think you're better of
>>just using /tools, less error prone.
> Oh yeah, that right. I forgot about this. Duh!
> If you are using a different tools dir you will need to edit the
> gcc-3.3.1-specs-2.patch to direct to the differnet tools dir.
> Thanks Jochen.
> -karl

Cool.  I'm walking through the LFS 5 book, creating a script matching 
the commands.  Instead of /tools (ex: --prefix=/tools) I'm using $TOOLS 
which points to /home/lfs/distribution/tools.  I am following directions 
such as having a source directory and build directory, it was just the 
output of /tools which caught my eye because nowhere in the script do I 
make that specification.  Never thought of looking at the patches 
though, thanks for the help!

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