bad ELF interpreter

Karl Wilbur karl at
Thu Mar 4 11:42:14 PST 2004

Anthony Rabaa wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been trying to make binutils, pass 2 but have failed because of a
> 'bad ELF interpreter' error (see snippet below).  My question is about
> the error line itself, it references /tools but I'm building in a
> different directory.  Is this path statically set in the make?

No.  The path is not statically set in make. It is passed to the
configure script by using the "--prefix=(path to tools dir)" option.

When you say "I'm building in a different directory" does that mean you
are doing the "./configure" and "make" in a different directory or you
are directing the built tools be placed in a different directory?

Earlier in Chapter 5 (Creating the $LFS/tools directory) you were
instructed to create a $LFS/tools directory then create a symlink in /
called "tools" which links to $LFS/tools.  This tools dir is where you
are placing your temporary tool set that you will be using in chapter 6
to build the LFS system.  If you are using a different name (something
other than tools), make sure that you are changing the configure command
to use the correct dir (from --prefix=/tools to --prefix=(path to tools

> BTW, I would be willing to post the full output/error files along with
> my run script (I don't like typing over and over ;-)) if that would
> help.  Cheers!

What dir are you using for your tools dir?  What options did you give to
configure? What did you set earlier in Chapter 5 in the section
"Creating the $LFS/tools directory"?
(./binutils-2.14/configure --prefix=...?)


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